Northview Academy
2719 Northview Academy Way
Kodak, TN  37764
phone:  865-933-5880
fax:  865-933-4018

                           Principal:  Greg Clark                             
Assistant Principals:  Kevin DeBow, Karen Strange, & Adrian Watson
Guidance Counselor:  Carolyn Davis
Athletic Director:  Adrian Watson

Jr. Beta!

State & National Jr. Beta Secretary:  
Hayden Myers

Nationals-1st Place in Cross-Stitch:  Sarah Clabo

Nationals-4th Place in Spotlight your Club:  Ryleigh Martin

Nationals-Top 10 in Campaign Skit:  
Jackson Arwood, Ariel Barnes, Sarah Clabo, Baylee Farr, Katie Dixon, Savannah Fuller, Emilee Kerr, Ryleigh Martin, Kylie Ortiz, 
Denyse Roberts, Mckenzie Trent


The Sevier County School System and Dr. Jack Parton will be sending out messages through a Twitter feed.  If you are interested in following the feed, our Twitter username or handle is @SevierCoSchools. Just click on @SevierCoSchools or type in the link. 

We are looking for a volunteer to coach our 7th & 8th Cross Country.  If you are interested, please contact gregclark@sevier.org.



Finally, Common Core information that's relevant to your child.
Amidst all the debate about the new standards it's easy to lose sight of what's really important: how your child's school work is changing. Learn the three reading, writing, and math skills your child will learn under Common Core, and ways you can reinforce these concepts at home.
Kindergarten1st grade2nd grade3rd grade
4th grade5th gradeMiddle schoolHigh school

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